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Beverley Kotey

Pilates classes in Angel, North London

Why Exercise with us?

Hello and welcome to Shapesmith & Well Pilates, located in West Hampstead, NW6. I offer group mat Pilates classes.

I moved from office-based jobs to training to become a Pilates teacher in 2013. I'd been taking Pilates classes on and off since 2002 and had always really enjoyed the work during the class and how my body felt at the end of class. Pilates is terrific for both training the body and s
... tilling the mind. I love sharing the benefits of Pilates with my wonderful clients. In short, Pilates is my happy place.

Pilates is great for people looking for a low impact way to build their strength, flexibility and endurance.
Classes are made up of a friendly group of people ranging from beginner's to intermediate. Classes are kept small enough that I can tailor the session to your needs.

Get in contact if you want to know more about the classes or to book into a class.

"In 10 sessions, you feel better, 20 sessions you look better, 30 sessions you have a completely new body."
Joseph Pilates.
Insured By: Balens

Insured By: Balens

Call  0330 122 4572

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